Ralph Woodhead - MAS Specialist
  Ralph Woodhead

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Core Disciplines


Key Skills & Services:


Business improvement for manufacturing companies.

Process development in operations and supply chain management.

Experiential workshops for lean processing

and business improvement techniques.

Training programs for the B-IT NVQ and IOM/COM qualification.

Approved consultant for DTI MAS projects.

Ralph is a specialist in KanDo Lean
Check out the Go for Lean Processes Brochure & Flyer.  If you are interested in running an In-House Workshop then please contact either Mel Lockett at the address below or Ralph at the address above.

  Career Background:  

Production planning and control in a range of industries.

Systems development and I.T. management.

Customization of MRP/ERP systems to suit non-standard environments.

Consultancy & project management with Hewlett Packard in the 1980s.

Providing independent advice, training and facilitation since 1991.

  Industry sectors:   Engineering, electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, automotive.  
B.Sc(Eng) and MIOM

My focus is on solving business problems and translating strategy into action using whatever tools and techniques are appropriate

 – MRP, APS ERP, ‘Lean Thinking’, business improvement techniques. 

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